FMCZ ground flickering "bleed-through"

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FMCZ ground flickering "bleed-through"

Post by Aviara » Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:51 pm

Hey there,

I just recently bought some of the Indian Ocean islands including FIMP, FMEE and FMCZ. Had some issues all around that I mostly fixed one by one. I am still left with the white light squares at FIMP (which I can live with for now) and a "bleed-through ground" at FMCZ which is causing some nasty flickering (this one is an experience killer however). I had the same with FMEE btw., it was not flickering it was some defaultish ground polygon on top of the actual polygon and then after the next P3D restart it was gone. The only thing I did was get rid of the light cones, cause they killed my performance, but I find it hard to imagine what light cones have to do with ground polys. Anyway back to the FMCZ problem.... it's not an AEC thing as FMCZ is not listed and I also tried deactivating the sole FMCZ file which is in the vector directory. Made no difference. Any ideas?? Forgot to mention I am using P3D v4.3 with all the FTX stuff and FSGlobal 2018


PS: Erm... Sorry... I accidently posted this in the German Forum. Hab im Deutschen ein wenig gestöbert, deswegen versehentlich hier gepostet. My bad :blush:

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Re: FMCZ ground flickering "bleed-through"

Post by horst18519 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 8:34 am

In which "vector directory" did you find that FMCZ file? If it was in the FSDG folder (FSDG ALT files) it's necessary. Which airport altitude do you have at FMCZ?
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