FSDG Lite Bangalore Update!

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FSDG Lite Bangalore Update!

Post by Captain Ahmed » Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:55 am

The Scenery, FSDG Lite Bangalore, Needed A Very Urgent Update To Include The Following Features:

New Runway 09R/27L
Renaming Existing Runway to 09L/27R
Custom Profile For GSX
GSX Level 2 Jetways
Improvements to Parking Positions & Aircraft Parking
SODE VDGS Implemented Profile & Compatibility
Fixes for ILS, Localiser & Glideslope Frequencies
Compatibility to AI Aircraft
Latest 2020 Satellite Image & Photoreal Scenery
Fixing RAAS Not Detecting The Runways at VOBL Scenery

Please Do It Very Urgently! It Is Now Outdated so Please!

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