FSDG Greenland Nuuk grey area issue

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FSDG Greenland Nuuk grey area issue

Post by Jooruts » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:33 am

Hi Guys

I reinstalled my FSDG from my old laptop to the new laptop I bought, I havent had any issues with the Nuuk scenery on the former laptop, but when I bought my new Asus Strix II the scenery fckked.

The city itsself is very good and the surrounding terrain and airport buildings, but the runway, taxiway and the closer area is covered with greyish texture and not with intended scenery. I do have ORBX Global and Vector, Mytraffic, Aerosoft megaairports and so on.

I´ve tried to use FTX Central elevation corrector, Scenery Library workings in orbx landclasses and vectors above Add On scenery...and deleting bgl. files from the mytraffic scenery folder. The Pictures will tell you more about the problem.

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Re: FSDG Greenland Nuuk grey area issue

Post by horst18519 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:42 pm

Did you try to reinstall to see if that solved the issue? If not can you please post a screenshot of the runway area. Please use the slew mode and place your aircraft on the runway so we can see the exact elevation (red info text at the top) to check with our numbers.
- Thorsten -


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