Elevation & odd buildings/ scenery placement Thessaloniki

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Elevation & odd buildings/ scenery placement Thessaloniki

Post by ampharoah » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:11 pm


I’m having issues installing Thessaloniki X into P3D v3. I purchased it from Aerosofts store Order Number: 534908 on 24th march 2014 and loaded into my then FSX sim.

I have now changed to P3D and tried to install having downloaded it again. When I launch it, I’m getting raises terrain all around the taxiways and across the runway and odd/poor quality building placement. On closer inspection I seem to have the download fromthe Aerosoft store a FSDG version of Thessaloniki into a FSDG folder with the structure:


I also appear to have a Thessaloniki X download with a different splash screen on install and a different licence key required ( I can’t find that key or who this was purchased from?), but it has the same file structure and a different FSDG branded manual. The FSDG manual supplied with the download from Order Number: 534908 above says “If you have previously purchased Thessaloniki X from Aerosoft, then please first un-install Aerosoft Thessaloniki X before proceeding.”

I don’t know if I have the Thessaloniki X installed somehow and if this is my scenery issue described above. I would attempt to install Thessaloniki X and the uninstall it to test if this is the problem, but I don’t have the key for Thessaloniki X !

I have attached a jpg of the type of scenery issue I’m seeing.

Can you offer any advice as to what’s happening?

Thanks in anticipation

Active runway.jpg

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