Released: Paro Version 1.1

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Released: Paro Version 1.1

Post by horst18519 » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:30 pm

We just released a new version of our recently developed Paro International Airport!

It not only contains several bug fixes and new additions but also missions that will certainly help you make successful landings at Paro!

You can download the new version from your download account (might take 1-2 days if you purchased at other stores).

Change log:

- minor scenery corrections (VOR position corrected)
- terrain colors changed to match ftx Global texture colors
- scenery bugfixes (disappearing ground textures, crashes on some systems at certain times of day)
- additional vegetation around airport and valley
- interactive windsocks bug fixed
- new missions to learn the difficult approach
- missions include a detailed tutorial and flight exam, complete with briefing, authentic sound and flight evaluation!
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