FSDG Bangalore-LITE (Update and MSFS)

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FSDG Bangalore-LITE (Update and MSFS)

Post by Speedbird118 » Fri Aug 28, 2020 6:32 am

Hey FSDG Team,

I have been using your add-on scenery for Bangalore for FSX and it is amazing! It really captures the look and feel of VOBL down to every minute detail. If my guess is correct, the Bangalore-LITE add-on scenery models the airport as it was in 2017-2018. I love it as it is, but since then the real world airport has grown in leaps and bounds. I was wondering if firstly you'll can update the scenery to include the two parallel runways as the airport now has a new southern parallel runway. And obviously a lengthy cross-field taxiway. There's also an upcoming Terminal 2.

Can we expect FSDG to update the Bangalore-LITE scenery to incorporate the new parallel runway, cross-field taxiway and upcoming T2?

Also with the introduction of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, do you'll have any plans to make the add-ons available for MSFS? Whilst the city of Bangalore as a whole is modelled quite accurately in the new MSFS, VOBL is slightly lacking. For one even in MSFS the airport is modelled in it's 2017-2018 form and obviously not being a hand-crafted airport, the buildings only have the general shape as looked at from above, but other than that the buildings are generic. So yes whilst it does capture the overall look and feel of the airport, it's far from realistic and has a lot of weird uneven terrain at various locations on the main apron. I'm really hoping that some like you (not an Adele reference), updates your scenery for places like Bangalore for MSFS.

Looking forward to your reply and I hope that we can get some updated scenery for VOBL for FSX and also the scenery ported over to MSFS. Bangalore being my hometown, it plays a major role in many of my flights, so having realistic scenery is a major factor. I'll personally stick with the game that has the most accurate scenery for VOBL.


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Re: FSDG Bangalore-LITE (Update and MSFS)

Post by Manny » Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:03 pm

Oh yeah.. Not just VOBL, would you be doing VOMM (Chennai) and Mumbai and New Delhi and Trivandrum and Cochin too for MSFS?


I didn't mentioned Hyderabad cause there is an an amazing payware quality freeware for Hyderabad for MSFS.


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Re: FSDG Bangalore-LITE (Update and MSFS)

Post by horst18519 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:02 am

We will not update Bangalore before the new terminal is finished.
- Thorsten -


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Re: FSDG Bangalore-LITE (Update and MSFS)

Post by saurabh0412 » Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:13 am

Greetings FSDG Developers!

I'm really sorry if this is the wrong forum to request, but I would like to request you all to consider undertaking the project for India's flagship VABB Airport for P3Dv4.5/v5!It recorded the highest single runway traffic ahead of Gatwik! I've owned your fantastic VOBL and HKJK and it's just amazing! Your choice of sceneries are a sign of divinity in the community! I've really strong hopes that you undertake Mumbai Airport as your future project please!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chhatrapa ... al_Airport


Mumbai Airport the world's largest airport by single runway traffic and India's second largest airport. It is also an hub for all Indian Airlines and a hot stopover location for major international airlines!

It is truly a master work in reality, however it is underrated in terms of scenery development. We do not have any good payware scenery for this airport. It's such a beautiful airport to fly in!!

We have 2 sceneries from different developers, one is decent and outdated (thai creation), it was made in 2016 when the new international terminal was under development, and the scenery is now incomplete, the airport in reality has a new terminal over all and altered taxiways. The other one is very generic (stinn pacific) in design and has incorrect and missing taxiways and wrong gate parking. Both developers have stopped scenery development altogether. This airport really deserves a flagship level scenery.

Yes, I am aware that Bangalore must have not sold well possibly, but VABB won't disappoint you for sure. Its a very very HOT destination for all flyers around the globe! I'm confident there would be more traffic if we have a good scenery for this airport, it does have that potential. Request you to please consider this magnificent and majestic airport!

Thank you so much!!

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Re: FSDG Bangalore-LITE (Update and MSFS)

Post by pchitkara » Thu Sep 14, 2023 9:54 am

Can you consider doing VIDP which is the largest and busiest airport in India. It now is also in list of worlds top 10 airports in passenger handling.?

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