Further eastward

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Further eastward

Post by PatrickZ » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:00 pm

I've just read this post from FSDG on Facebook:
You probably know we're making a new version of Malé International Airport in 2020. How about we move even further eastward and make...
Since I don't have a Facebook account I'm not able to comment on it there, but I thought I'd leave a reply anyway.

For Bangkok Suvarnabhumi there's a good scenery by A_A Sceneries which works in P3D v4. What's more, since they recently finished Beijing they'll now be updating their Suvarnabhumi scenery to the latest changes and add native P3D v4 compatibility. Therefor Suvarnabhumi is unneeded. If you want to do Bangkok, consider Don Mueang. The secondary Bangkok airport is often overlooked. No descent P3D v4 compatible scenery for it and nothing in development either.

As for Incheon, in the works by Pacsim which will be awesome. No need for FSDG to do it. In fact I dare say Pacsim is one of the very few developers that can match the quality of FSDG.

Macau? Personally I don't have anything with it. If you want to, be my guest, but I'll probably not buy it.

Kathmandu would be nice to go with the soon to be released new version of Aerosoft Lukla.

However to stay in line with the Maldives, which is basically known for it's beaches and holiday resorts, some suggestions of similar kind might be found in southern Thailand and off the Malaysian coast. Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Langkawi and Penang. All Asian beach holiday destinations similar to the Maldives. I'd rather see that than just another mega airport.

Of course from the Maldives you could also head west instead of east. You've got the Seychelles already covered as well as Mauritius and Reunion, but there's more in that part of the world. Next to the also already covered Mayotte you find the Comoros, further north just offshore you find Zanzibar. Those would be welcome additions.

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