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Author:  calimhiro [ Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  FIMP ILS 14 or PLS DME

I am currently testing the ILS 14 approach at FIMP with the B777-300ER PMDG (for my real work).
There is an issue with the DME from the ILS IPL or PLS VOR, and I don't know if the issue is coming from your scenery or from the FMS Navigraph database.
According to the approach chart at 10 DME IPL we should be at 9.4 DME PLS (0.6 nm of difference). I have paused the sim, the IPL DME indicates 9.8 whereas the PLS VOR DME indicates 7.4 nm (more than 2.4 nm of difference compared to the chart).
Also on the ND of the aircraft at 10 DME IPL I am overflying CURPE waypoint at 3200, whereas on the chart at 10 DME IPL I should rather be at BIGRA position at 4000 ft.
Position is approximately S20°21.91' E57°32.95'.
I also have the OM alert when passing 1720 ft on final whereas the OM shoud be at BIGRA 10 DME IPL or 9.4 PLS.
At this time, the aircraft is fully establish on the ILS signal, passing 1720 ft, IPL DME should indicates 4 nm (3.4 PLS DME) whereas in the aircraft DME IPL is 5.8 and PLS DME is exactly 3.4.
So I think that there is something with ILS in the scenery maybe the G/S position or slope (the slope is 3.5° according to the charts).
Final remark, just after touchdown, I have noticed that IPL DME indicates around 1.0 nm on the ND, whereas it should read 0 nm when overflying runway 14 threshold.
Could you please check and correct the scenery if necessary ?

Best regards

Author:  calimhiro [ Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FIMP ILS 14 or PLS DME

Hello Thorsten,

did you have a look at the DME of the ILS runway 14 at FIMP ?
The DME of the ILS should read 0 nm at the threshold of runway 14 not at the end of runway 14.


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